New PR agency opens in Inverness inspired by the enduring lure of the Loch Ness Monster

Two Inverness-based PR consultants have teamed up to create a new PR agency that aims to make services more accessible to businesses of all sizes across the Highlands.

Inspired by the universal appeal of the Loch Ness Monster, the duo has branded their agency Whale-like-fish. Co-founder Eilidh Marshall explains: “Whale-like-fish was inspired by one of the most famous headlines to come out of Inverness. On 14th April 1933, Mrs Aldie Mackay, manageress of the Drumnadrochit Hotel, was quoted in The Inverness Courier as having seen a ‘whale-like-fish’ emerge from Loch Ness. Combine a world-famous headline with arguably the best PR campaign ever created, we felt it only fitting to pay homage to Nessie when creating a brand-new PR agency.”

Co-founders Helen Ross and Eilidh Marshall are also turning the agency model on its head. Their plan is to apply a consumer model to the service industry. Clients will make decisions based on an itemised price list instead of a rate card. They will also be rewarded for their loyalty. Helen adds: “If you go into a coffee shop, you can choose from a price list and get a loyalty card stamped towards a free coffee. We don’t think it should be any different when purchasing PR services. Clients are consumers at the end of the day and it’s time the PR industry adapted. We think we might be the only PR agency in the UK to offer a loyalty scheme; only with us can you catch fish to redeem against services!”

Helen and Eilidh hope that their business model and transparent pricing structure will encourage smaller businesses to consider PR services. “We are proud to be based in the Highlands and want to support the businesses that form the bedrock of the economy in the Highlands,” adds Helen.

Helen and Eilidh are well established in the Highlands and have left multi-award-winning PR agency Muckle Media with offices in Inverness and Edinburgh to form Whale-like-fish. Between them, they have almost 20 years’ experience in PR and have worked on large international brands, including Gillette and Mowi, through to local brands like the recently launched Donald from Skye and the Cru Holdings portfolio.

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